Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chloe's "Almost a Rainbow" Poncho

A week ago, Chloe was home from school because she wasn't feeling well. She found Caitlin's poncho (not the one I made her, but another one that she'd gotten from one of Chloe's teachers last year) and was messing around with it. One minute she was wearing it, and the next it was her "hair." *lol* But after playing with it a while, she came to me and asked me if I could make her one like it. As it's a simple granny square poncho, my response was "what color?" :)

She decided that she wanted it in "rainbow colors, like Syrina's [scarf]." So I got started that night. I had kind of hoped, since it would be such a small poncho, that I could get it finished that night, because Hubby was due to take her out on a little "field trip" to Newcastle to see the Castle Keep on Saturday. Unfortunately, I only got to the end of the yellow band by the time I went to bed.

When they got back on Saturday, I tried it on her to see how many more colors I could fit into it, and she wanted me to just stop at the green! I told her it would be a little too short if I did that, so she changed her mind and decided I could put purple on it. That's why it's an "Almost a Rainbow" poncho - I had to skip over blue and indigo and go straight to purple.

Ah well... she loves it, I guess that's all that matters. :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wild & Woolie Swap Items Revealed

I finally got around to resizing my photos so I could show y'all in blogger-ville what I made for Angie, my swap partner, for the Wild & Woolie Swap over at Crochetville.

The drawstring pouch is made with size 10 cotton thread, using my one and only thread hook. It's alternating rows of dc with shells. The lining is white satin.

The purse is made with chunky acrylic yarn, using an H hook. I had originally planned on putting some of that novelty yarn (I seem to have misplaced the yarn label and I forget what it's called) all the way down the purse, but when I got as far as the picture shows, I decided that looked perfect, so I stopped. It, too, is lined with white satin. I had considered making a small cell phone pouch for the inside of the lining, but my sewing skills aren't the greatest (huge understatement there! *lol*), so I didn't.

The bookmark is again made with size 10 thread - the same thread I used to make my pincushion, actually - and again, with my one and only thread hook.

The scarf is made from 100% Bamboo yarn. Oh. My. God. This stuff was a DREAM to work with! You'd think that, with it being made from BAMBOO, it would be rough. Just the opposite, actually. It was SO soft!!! And I just picked the colors at random - I didn't really think about which colors they were, I just wanted colors that looked good together. It wasn't until I finished the scarf and had hubby inspect it that he pointed out that it looked like Neapolitan ice cream! *lol* So I have to give him the credit for actually naming the scarf. *wink*

I made a little sachet for her, with Lavendar essential oil in the stuffing. Apparently she plans on using it for a pincushion. I didn't even think of a YARN pincushion! *lol* Whatever - I don't really care, as long as she USES it! *grin*

I picked up a few "extra goodies" as well. I wanted something that screamed out "Sunderland" - since that's where I live - but I didn't want it to be huge. So I went over to the tourism office and had a look-see. When I saw the magnet, it shouted out "pick me! Pick me!" So I did. :)

The Galaxy chocolate bar... well, if you'd ever HAD Galaxy chocolate, I wouldn't HAVE to explain why I sent it to her! It's absolute heaven!! I got her the hand cream because she said she liked hand cream (and I happened to need some, too, so I got her some when I got ME some), and the tea... well, again, she said she liked tea. And if I'm going to send her tea, I want to send her something that says "British." How much more British can you GET than Yorkshire tea? *grin*

But can you believe that I forgot to take a picture of the actual WOOL I bought her? *LOL*

I had a lot of fun in this swap, and knowing that I got everything out on time and didn't have a problem being able to afford the supplies I needed made it SO much better!