Friday, June 02, 2006

Teddy Bear Poncho

I just whipped this up in an hour for one of the kids' teddy bears. It was looking kinda nekkid, and I had my craft basket next to me, so I just grabbed the end of a yarn and a hook and got to working on it.

It's one of the easiest things to make in the entire freaking world, if you ask me.

You just chain any multiple of 4 (check to make sure it's going to fit over the head of the toy you're making it for) +1, turn. Hdc in every ch across, and join with a sl st to form a ring (you might want to use something to mark that stitch, as it is the ONLY join you're going to do). Now comes the "tricky" part - although it's really not all that tricky. Divide your beginning ch by 4 (mine was 32 ch, so 32 divided by 4 = 8), and that gives you the number of stitches to do before you increase. Using my example, I hdc 7 sts, and on the 8th st I increased, by putting 3 hdc in the 8th st. Continue around until you reach the last stitch.

Keep going in this pattern, increasing in the middle stitch of every 3 hdc increase. This will increase your stitches between increases by 1 stitch on every row. (Again, using my example, it was 8 stitches on row 1, 9 stitches on row 2, 10 stitches on row 3, etc.) Continue until the piece is the desired size (I kept trying it on the bear to make sure it wasn't getting too big or too small). Join with a sl st and fasten off, weaving in ends.

You can finish it off any way you want. Some like fun fur, some like fringe (in which case you don't need to weave in the end, just trim it to match the rest of the fringe). I used tassles for this one.

That's it. Easy peasy, lemon squeazy, as Lexi (my 5 yo) likes to say. Tongue Out

It's Kid Approved!Smile

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