Sunday, February 04, 2007

iPod nano cosy

I made this as a "just for the hell of it" gift for my SIL, Vicci (the one who brought me that GORGEOUS yarn that I'm making a scarf from). She got a new blue iPod for Christmas from her boyfriend, and she was moaning to me that she couldn't find "socks" for it. And I just happened to have the perfect thread to match her iPod, so I figured... why the hell not?

I used Aunt Lydia's crochet thread (mercerized cotton), size 10, variegated color "Ocean." It's crocheted in rounds, alternating 11 rounds of sc, 3 rounds of dc, 9 rounds of sc, 3 rounds of dc, and 11 rounds of sc. Very simple.

I got the actual dimensions of the iPod online, thanks to Argos website. I made a chain, measured it, did one round, measured again to make sure, and just went from there until it was the right height. So simple it's not even funny.

I'm considering making more of these and selling them online at Etsy. I'm just waiting for the "experts" at the 'ville to give me some feedback before I make a final decision. Of course, I wouldn't exactly complain if I got some feedback here, either! ;)

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