Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm back!

I kind of "disappeared" a few months back... between having the kids home for the summer holidays and 'puter problems, it was just damned near impossible to keep this thing updated properly. But Hubby fixed my puter, and the kids just went back to school (THANK GOD - they were driving me NUTS again), so I thought I'd post up one of the things I crocheted for Christmas.
I didn't think of taking a picture of the red & white ripple afghan I made for my sister-in-law for HER Christmas present. Dammit. It was nice, even if I do say so myself. Even hubby liked it, and he's not all that "interested" in my projects.

But this one... well, not only did I get the picture, but I technically only just gave it to the person this past Sunday (January 7). I didn't have enough supplies (I wasn't following a pattern, just making it up as I went along, so I had no idea how much yarn I would need in the first place), and every time I went to get some more, they didn't have the green I needed. But wouldn't you know it... 2 DAYS before Christmas, they finally had some in. So I got what I needed, but of course I didn't have the time in those 2 days to get it finished. So between cleaning house, killing my kids (JOKE!!), and running them back and forth to various appointments, I managed to at least get it finished by Saturday night.

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