Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WIP updates

I don't have any pictures to show, but I thought I'd give an update on what I'm working on right now.

On the hook:
  • Baby Granny Square Afghan - I'm not using a set pattern, just making it up as I go along. I'm doing the same kind of squares I used in the Green & White afghan. But I'm making them a LOT smaller, and in baby pastels. The girl I'm doing it for - who happens to be the daughter of the woman I made the green & white afghan for - is supposed to be having a girl, so I'm using pink, purple, yellow, and green. I'm doing 12 squares, and I've already got 7 of them done. I've promised myself to make at least one square a day - and I'm doing good so far - and if I keep up with it, then I should be able to start assembling the afghan Sunday night or Monday, depending on how much time I've got.

On the needles:
  • Yes, I said "needles." I'm actually KNITTING something! I'm totally a novice knitter, but my girls asked for fun fur scarves. And I thought they'd look better - not to mention use up less yarn - if they were knitted. The girls really wanted them for Christmas, but I didn't have the money to get the yarn until just 2 days before Christmas. And then my littlest demon - that would be "child" - ruined the first one I started. She pulled it off my needles so she could use them as "drumsticks" while I was in the shower one night. And if you've ever worked with fun fur yarn, you know that frogging it is almost impossible. So I've got an almost-finished scarf that I can't do anything with and can't frog. *sigh* I've got 1 scarf done so far, and I'm nearly finished with another. I need to get some more yarn, though, because I've decided I need 3 balls for Caitlin's scarf... and now it seems my oldest wants one too. Every time I've got it out to work on, she stands there and stares at it. So I've told her I'll make her one too. Thankfully, I get paid in 2 days so I can go and get some more yarn then. I'm hoping I might be able to get hers done quickly, as her birthday is tomorrow! I'm also going to make the 2 little ones matching hats. I saw a pattern for a hat using regular acrylic yarn and fun fur, so I'm going to copy the idea, tweaking it just a bit. More on that when I actually get it done.

And I've got lots of ideas running through my head. I really ought to write them down in one of my crochet notebooks (I have 2 of them).

I'm already planning Christmas presents for next year. Yes, already. Why now, you might ask? Because if I start planning NOW, I just MIGHT actually get them DONE by Christmas! *lol*

For Christmas 2005, I made my aunt Denise a purple shawl with fun fur edging. She says she loves it and uses it all the time in the cold weather (she lives in Colorado). As I was working on the fun fur scarves for my kids, it dawned on me that this aunt would probably love a fun fur scarf for Christmas - in purple, of course! And I can't leave her husband - Uncle Michael - out... so I was thinking "make him a scarf, too!" Obviously not fun fur... that's a little too feminine. But I can always make him a simple scarf in a "manly" color.

And I had the greatest idea this morning for another thing to make with fun fur (can you tell I actually LIKE fun fur? *lol*). A throw rug! I don't want to say too much right now, because it's going to be an original pattern (which I WILL post when I'm done), but it's something I want to make for my daughter's room (the oldest, Syrina). I used to have a "furry" throw rug for my bedroom when I was a teenager, and I loved it. As she's going to be 12 tomorrow, and as I know she likes the fun fur, I think it would be a great (late) birthday present. I have a sneaking suspicion that my other girls are going to want one when they see it, though.

On top of all that, I'm planning a lapghan for my oldest daughter for use when she's in her wheelchair. She doesn't use the chair all the time, but when I need to take her somewhere, she does. She walks just fine, but gets very tired very easily, and when she does, she stops and simply refuses to move. And physically dragging a 12 year old child is VERY difficult. As she REALLY doesn't like the cold, I wanted to make her something to help keep her legs warm when she's in her chair. I've already decided what yarn I want to use, but I'm going to have to order it from the USA. It actually works out cheaper that way - because I can't find any yarn in Worsted Weight out here in the UK. I'd have to buy twice as much in the double knitting to get the thickness I want. And as Red Heart is pretty cheap in the USA, and I know a place that will only charge me $4-something for shipping, buying it online will be the better option. Not to mention they've got some GREAT colors!!

So many yarns... so many patterns... so little time!!! *lol*

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