Sunday, May 21, 2006

Amigurumi Dudette!!

I used Crochet Me's "Amigurumi Dude" pattern to make her. I just picked up the first ball of yarn my hands touched and started it. But it was such a pretty pastel color that, before I was even finished, I just knew it was a SHE, not a HE. So I gave her a mop of curly pink hair, and when she was finished, decided she had to have a dress. Self-respecting amigurumi girls don't walk around town NEKKID! I'm really pleased how she turned out. The kids like her, too - they won't leave her alone!

I'm seriously thinking about making one for my grandmother for either her birthday or mother's day. Yes, I know Mother's Day was weeks ago, but I couldn't send her anything because money is just too tight. But I've already got a ton of yarn, so all it would cost me to make her an amigurumi is a little of my time and postage costs. THAT'S doable!

Here she is, nekkid:

And after I made her a dress:

A little closer...


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