Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just a night's work. :)

Well, the dreaded birthday is now officially over. My "baby" turned 4 today, and got spoiled rotten, considering it's pretty much just us and her aunt Vicci that has anything to do with her.

But my neighbor's youngest daughter gave her a doll set for her birthday... and it has a BUNCH of tiny little pieces. Most of them are so small I could suck them up in the vacuum cleaner and not even notice. So I wanted to give her some way to at least TRY and keep them together. So the lightbulb went on over my head, and I thought "why not make her a little bag?" :) So I did. I did some stash-diving, got out my small scraps, and whipped this up tonight.

I wouldn't exactly call it my best work, but considering I was just making it so that a 4 year old could keep all her toys together, I really don't care. If I was going to make it for any other reason, I would. But for this.... *shrug* ... who shives a git? ;)

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