Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I got my JIMBO HOOK!! I got my JIMBO HOOK!!!

My hubby woke me up this morning by giving me my mail. There was a box, and a postcard from my fairy godmother in Wisconsin.

I looked at the box, and before I even saw what the address label said, I just KNEW it was my Jimbo Hook. I just KNEW it.

It took me for-freaking-ever to get the darned thing open, though. MAN, that man uses a lot of tape! *lol* I ended up having to ask hubby for his pocket knife, because otherwise, there was no way in hell I was going to get the thing open!

But finally, I got it open, and out comes this absolutely beautiful hook.

And of course... what does one DO when one recieves a piece of art that is a Jimbo Hook? One USES it, of course!

I immediately whipped out my last ball of cotton yarn and got to work on another washcloth. I'd read another pattern I wanted to try last night, so I figured why not try it with my brand-spankin'-new Jimbo Hook?


I'm planning on making another one shortly, again with my Jimbo Hook and my cotton yarn, but I think I'm going to try a different pattern. I haven't decided what yet, but I'm definitely gonna do it.

And then, when I'm done, I'll get to work on my shawl. I wanted to make something for me with this hook - yes, I'm going to be selfish, just this once - and I've got this pretty blue and purple yarn that would make a lovely shawl. And considering that even though it's nearly summer here, it gets pretty darned chilly in the evenings, I figured that would be something I could use... like NOW! :)

I'm one happy hooker today, that's fer sho'!


Jimbo said...

Ha!! As a package wrapper, i make a fair hook whittler eh?
Glad you got your hook ok and it looks like its making nice things for you! Hope it becomes a good friend.


nukkingphutz said...

Jimbo, it's beautiful! It's SO beautiful that not only am *I* in love with it, but so are my kids! *lol* They won't leave it alone when I've got it out!

You've got one heck of a talent there... I just consider myself lucky that I was fortunate enough to have you share that talent with me!


Kari said...

I love my Jimbo hooks!
I'm always looking for projects to work on them with lol