Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Crocheters Anonymous

Hello, my name is Suzi and I'm addicted to crochet.

Man, those are words I never thought I'd even THINK, never mind saying out loud or... *gasp*... write in a blog!

But it's true. And man, is it ever catching up with me. I can't count the number of times over the past few days that the thoughts "just one more row," or "I'm almost finished, I may as well stay awake until it's done" have entered my mind. I think the earliest I've gone to bed since last week was 1 a.m. No joke.

And today my arse is a-draggin'! To make matters worse, today was the field trip to the farm with my youngest daughter's nursery class. Some days I can talk her into taking a nap with me - or at the very least, sitting on the couch with me watching telly while *I* take a nap! No chance of that today - I left the house with the kids at 8:45 a.m. and didn't walk back in the door until nearly 4 p.m. The only time I really got to sit down was on the BUS on the way to and from the farm!

And here it is, 11 p.m., I've got a hat that's 99% done, I'm on the VERY last row, and something in me just will NOT let me set it aside for tomorrow. Something in me keeps telling me I HAVE to finish it.

Part of me wonders if that's not my grandmother's perfectionism biting my arse... or if it's just the crochet addiction. And God knows I'm addicted. I even finished the crown to a different hat on the bus taking (above mentioned) daughter to the Eye Infirmary yesterday. The ENTIRE crown, not just a few stitches here and there.

Good Lord... am I sad or WHAT??

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Carol Thomas said...

Well if you're addicted, then I guess I am too...LOL

your hats are really cute, & your afghan too.

I haven't learned to crochet the hats you did, yet though.

We are crocheting things & it makes others happy!!!!
Carol (natcat--C'Ville)